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In Defense of Yukako Ichikawa

Good grief. The amount of dickery on the Internet about Wafu’s chef Yukako Ichikawa today is amazing. For the most part I think people are just excited that their casual racism may be justified.

Sure she had an odd way of delivering her message about sustainable food and eating. But after eating there a few times I did start to think at other restaurants: Maybe I don’t need to order an extra plate “just in case” and then leave half a chicken on the table when I leave.

Perhaps I don’t need to pour out half the bottle of soy only to dip two pieces of sushi into it.

Sure, she struggled to convey the point but I think a lot of that (and the angered hype around the article) is because they’ve printed quotes from a woman who speaks broken English.

Also, she is the one pulling the plug. If it were the other way around then sure, I’d have to accept that her behavior might never work. But people have always been desperate to get in there. I haven’t eaten Japanese food of that quality anywhere else in Sydney.

We are greedy. We are wasteful. She isn’t wrong for pointing it out.

Here’s the article. Avoid the comment section.

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