Perhaps a song
If you weren’t so stupid… By Amelia Ephraims.

If you weren’t so stupid… By Amelia Ephraims.

Dearest queer writers…

Dear friends of queer blogs, queer reporters and aspiring queer writers, a small request from me, who loves you very much.

Perhaps it is time to hang up the old, “We asked [heterosexual interview subject] about those gay rumours”, or the always delightful “What does your gay audience mean to you?”

The first question perpetuates the idea to the broader community that someone needs to come out publicly and if they were¬†gay it suggests that would be somehow “exciting” or “scandalous”, the flip side of that is saying “It’s not normal, this a headline!”¬†

Can we just leave this to A Current Affair or OK Magazine? It’s good, and helpful for famous people to come out, but we shouldn’t make it “exciting.”

It’s 2013. Stop giving a fuck. Cool.

As for the second question, it always ends awkwardly. “I love my gays because…” because… because why? Because the guys fuck each other or the girls kiss at your concert? The question almost forces the interview subject to spout a out tedious stereotype that they’ll probably be attacked for later and it’s your reporters own lazy fault.

Try harder.

Thank you for promoting my shows and refraining from asking me about all those nasty “straight rumours” that have been swirling about.